4 Full-Time Work-From-Home Job Companies with 4-Day Workweeks

Here are 4 companies that offer 3-day weekends/4-day workweeks if you also want to work from home.

1. Wildbit

Wildbit is a software company that has work-from-home jobs with lots of benefits.

Here are a few perks that come with working at Wildbit:

  • 4-day, 32-hour workweeks
  • 20 paid days off per year
  • Paid family leave
  • Quarterly profit sharing
  • Company-paid retreats
  • Flexible work hours
  • Home office allowance
  • Books and healthy habits allowance
  • Professional development allowance
  • Work from anywhere

One example of a remote job I’ve seen here is Customer Success/Support – Postmark (PDT).

Check out the Wildbit jobs page here.

2. Packlane

Packlane is a customer boxes and packaging company that also offers remote workers the chance to have a 4-day workweek.

Here are some of the benefits of working for Packlane:

  • Work from wherever you want
  • Flexible hours
  • Compeitive salary
  • Up to $300 per month reimbursement for your healthcare premium
  • 15 days of paid time off per year

A few work-from-home jobs I’ve seen here include the E-commerce Product Designer and Elixir Software Engineer positions.

3. Magellan Health

Magellan Health is a for-profit, managed healthcare company that also offers work-from-home jobs with 4-day workweeks.

Here you can sometimes find jobs that will say something like “4 day shift” while still being a full-time job.

It’s unclear what their benefits are as they don’t seem to be found on their website.

As far as positions with 4-day workweeks, I’ve seen a medical-related job as well as a customer support one with these shifts.

Check out Magellan Health careers here.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a web application development company that will actually allow you to work 4-day workweeks from home during the summer.

It is unclear, however, whether they will allow employees to start having 4-day workweeks year-round in the future.

Here are some of the benefits that Basecamp employees enjoy:

  • Top 10% salaries in the industry
  • Work where you want
  • 40 hour workweeks
  • $100/month fitness allowance
  • CSA allowance
  • Vacations and paid holidays
  • Charitable gifts matching
  • One-month sabbatical every 3 years
  • $100/month mental wellness allowance
  • Life insurance
  • $1,000/year continuing education allowance

They also have a lot more benefits as well.

Check out the Basecamp jobs page here.

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