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I’m troubled by how many individuals are upset by AI.

I imply, they’re actually upset.

Having simply written a factor on framing, I believe AI is one other instance the place persons are doing a lot of the harm themselves.

In different phrases, I don’t assume they’re so upset about AI itself, however by how they’re excited about AI.

Particularly, I believe persons are upset as a result of they assume we’re making a selection to make use of it or not, and we’re selecting poorly. They’re going by means of life studying information tales and considering…

Wow, I can’t imagine persons are so silly! Right here they’ve the choice to only hold issues as they’re, which was working completely high-quality within the 80s, 90s, and 2000’s, and right here somebody exhibits them this silly ChatGPT factor and now AI’s going to take all our jobs!

In different phrases, they assume it’s dumb folks deciding to make use of AI, and due to their dangerous judgment, we’re falling into some diabolical lure.

FRAME 1 (Damaging) — Humanity had the choice to stick with “regular” tech, however we’re all idiots and we’re making this entire AI factor occur by reaching for a silly shiny factor.

TL;DR: We may have caught with common tech, however we selected AI as an alternative.

I don’t assume that’s taking place in any respect.

We aren’t selecting something. AI is simply naturally and inevitably unfolding like every other expertise, and we’re simply the individuals who occur to be right here whereas it occurs.

FRAME 2 (Optimistic) — We aren’t selecting AI similar to we didn’t select the automobile or the phone. Expertise modifications occur when it’s time for them to occur, and as soon as they begin they’re inevitable.

TL;DR: No person selected something. AI is simply one other inevitable expertise pattern.

Somebody residing in Body 1 vs. Body 2 may as effectively be on one other planet. The notion shapes on a regular basis life.

In Body 1, you’re underneath fixed assault from an evil expertise spawned by hucksters and bought to idiots.

Humanity is now in danger—with actual influence to folks’s lives—all as a result of too many dumb folks fell in love with ChatGPT.


For those who imagine that, then each time you hear about AI—on a podcast, within the grocery store, at a celebration, or at work—you’ve gotten this cacophony of chattering voices in your head speaking about how silly every part is. Grumble, grumble, sassin-frassin, /tableflip

It makes folks mad. Cynical. Grumpy. Damaging. Anti-tech. Indignant. Did I say mad already? It makes them mad.

Body 2 (Optimistic)

Individuals in Body 2 don’t stroll round with that chatter of their heads. They’re not continually offended at somebody—or folks on the whole—or whoever, as a result of they introduced this all upon us.

On this mannequin, life is simply taking place. Tech is a part of life, and AI is only a large wave of tech washing over us. It may be an even bigger wave than ever earlier than, however it’s only a wave. And it’s a pure wave as a result of people created tech. When people sharpened the primary stone and put a deal with on it, that was tech as effectively, and AI is simply additional alongside that very same evolution.

This doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t be negatively affected by AI if you’re in Body 2. You’ll be able to nonetheless lose your job to AI, have folks battle to search out work that you simply care about, or have it mess together with your life.

The Second Arrow is an efficient manner of capturing how I see framing on the whole, and positively round AI. It’s principally a second quantity of harm taken by excited about a primary quantity of harm.

The Buddha asks a pupil if being struck by an arrow can be painful, to which the scholar responds affirmatively. The Buddha then asks if being struck by a second arrow can be much more painful, and once more, the scholar agrees.

The Buddha explains that in life, the primary arrow represents the preliminary struggling that comes from being human, comparable to sickness, loss, or disappointment. This sort of struggling is inevitable. Nonetheless, the second arrow represents the extra struggling that comes from our response to the primary arrow.

This contains feelings like anger, concern, resentment, or self-pity. In contrast to the primary arrow, the affected by the second arrow shouldn’t be inevitable; it is one thing now we have the facility to affect by means of our response to struggling.

A abstract of the unique Buddhist educating

Optimistic framing avoids the Second Arrow, whereas unfavourable framing walks proper into it.

So, in relation to AI, don’t stroll into the second arrow of considering this was somebody’s fault.

Tides aren’t our fault, the winter being chilly, photo voltaic flares—all of it simply occurs. And tech isn’t any exception. If people occur, tech ultimately follows, and right here we’re.

The mixing of AI into our society shall be onerous sufficient by itself.

Don’t make it tougher by residing in a false narrative that makes you offended about it.

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