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I’m beginning to suppose Framing is all the pieces.

The method by which people assemble and interpret their actuality—concsiously or unconsciously—via particular lenses or views.

My working definition

Listed here are among the framing dichotomies I’m noticing proper now within the totally different teams of individuals I affiliate with and see interacting on-line.

AI and the way forward for work

  • FRAME 1: AI is simply one other instance of massive tech and large enterprise
    and capitalism, which is all a rip-off designed to maintain the wealthy and profitable on high. And AI will make it even worse, screwing over all of the common individuals and giving all their cash to the individuals who have already got probably the most. Takeaway: Why be taught AI when it’s all a part of the evil machine of capitalism and greed?

  • FRAME 2: AI is simply know-how, and know-how is inevitable. We don’t select technological revolutions; they simply occur. And once they do, it’s as much as us to determine methods to adapt. That’s usually disruptive and tough, however that’s what know-how is: disruption. One of the best ways to proceed is with cautious optimism and vitality, and to determine methods to make the very best of it. Takeaway: AI isn’t good or evil; it’s simply inevitable technological change. Get on the market and be taught it!

America and race/gender

FRAME 1: America is based on racism and sexism, continues to be extraordinarily racist and sexist, and which means anybody profitable in America is complicit. Anybody not succeeding in America (particularly in the event that they’re a non-white male) can level to this as the explanation. So it’s sort of okay to simply disconnect from the entire system of all the pieces, as a result of it’s all poisoned and ruined. Takeaway: Why strive if the complete system is stacked towards you?

FRAME 2: America began with a ton of racism and sexism, however that was principally as a result of the entire world was that approach on the time. Since its founding, America has finished greater than any nation to allow girls and non-white individuals to thrive in enterprise and politics. We all know that is true as a result of the numbers of non-white-male (or nondominant group) illustration in enterprise and politics vastly outnumber some other nation or area on the earth. Takeaway: The US truly has probably the most numerous profitable individuals on the planet. Get on the market and hustle!

Success and failure

FRAME 1: The one individuals who can succeed within the west are those that have large benefits, like wealthy dad and mom, good upbringings, the very best educations, and so forth. Individuals like which can be born fortunate, and though they may work lots they nonetheless don’t actually deserve what they’ve. Startup founders and different entrepreneurs like which can be benefitting from tons of privilege and we have to cease trying as much as them as examples. Takeaway: Why strive if it’s all stacked towards you?

FRAME 2: It’s completely true that having a very good upbringing is a bonus, i.e., dad and mom who emphasised faculty and exhausting work and attainment as a purpose rising up. However most of the individuals with that mentality are literally immigrants from different nations, like India and China. They didn’t begin wealthy; they hustled their approach into success. They work their assess off, they get monetary savings, and so they push their youngsters to be disciplined like them, which is why they find yourself so profitable later in life. Takeaway: The bottom line is self-discipline and hustle. Every thing else is secondary. Get on the market!

Private identification and trauma

FRAME 1: I’m particular and the world out there’s hostile to individuals like me. They don’t see my worth, and my strengths, and so they don’t acknowledge how I’m totally different. On account of my variations, I’ve skilled a lot trauma rising up, being consistently challenged by so-called regular individuals round me who had been attempting to make me like them. And that trauma is now the explanation I’m unable to succeed like regular individuals. Takeaway: Why gained’t individuals acknowledge my variations and my trauma? Why strive if the world hates individuals like me?

FRAME 2: It’s not about me. It’s about what I can supply the world. There are individuals on the market actually struggling, with no meals to eat. I’m totally different than others, however that’s not what issues. What issues is what I can supply. What I may give. What I can create. Being particular is a superpower that I can use to make use of to vary the world. Takeaway: I’ve gone via some stuff, but it surely’s not about me and my variations; it’s about what I can do to enhance the planet.

How a lot management we’ve in our lives

FRAME 1: Issues are a lot greater than any of us. The world is evil and I can’t assist that. The wealthy are highly effective and I can’t assist that. Some individuals are fortunate and I’m not a kind of individuals. These are the individuals who get all the pieces, and other people like me get screwed. It’s at all times been the case, and it at all times will. Takeaway: There are solely two varieties of individuals: the profitable and the unsuccessful, and it’s lower than us to determine which we’re. And I’m clearly not one of many winners.

FRAME 2: There’s no such factor as future. We make our personal. Once I fail, that’s on me. I can form my environment. I can change my situations. I’m in management. It’s as much as me to place myself within the positions the place I can get fortunate. Self-discipline powers luck. I’ll succeed as a result of I refuse to not. Takeaway: If I’m not within the place I wish to be in, that’s on me to work more durable till I’m.

Importantly, most frames aren’t completely true or false.

Many frames can seem to contradict one another however be concurrently true—or at the very least partially—relying on the state of affairs or the way you take a look at it.

This wasn’t my fault. I acquired screwed by the flight being delayed!

That is nonetheless on me. I do know delays occur lots right here, and I ought to have deliberate higher and accounted for that.

Each of those are sort of true. Neither is precise actuality. They’re the methods we select to interpret actuality. There are infinite attainable frames to select from—not simply an arbitrary two.

And the phrase “select” is actually vital there, as a result of we’ve choices. All of us can—and do—select between a thousand totally different variations of FRAME 1 (I’m screwed so why hassle), and FRAME 2 (I select to behave as if I’m empowered and disciplined) daily.

For this reason you possibly can have Chinedu, a 14-year-old child from Lagos with the worst life on the earth (dad and mom killed, attacked by militias, misplaced mates in wartime, and so forth.), however he lights up any room he walks into together with his smile. He’s endlessly optimistic, and he goes on to start out a number of companies, a thriving household, and have an exquisite life.

In the meantime, Brittany in Los Angeles grows up with most all the pieces she may think about, however she lives in social media and is continually evaluating her mansion to different individuals’s mansions. She sees there are prettier ladies on the market. With extra mates. And greater homes. And so she’s suicidal and on all types of medicines.

Frames are lenses, and lenses change actuality.

This isn’t a judgment of Brittany. At some stage, her life is objectively worse than Chinedu’s. Hook them as much as some emotion-detecting-MRI or no matter and I’m positive you’ll see extra struggling in her mind, and extra happiness in his. Objectively.

What I’m saying—and the purpose of this complete mannequin—is that the standard of our respective lives is perhaps extra a matter of framing than of precise circumstance.

However this isn’t nearly extremes like Chinedu and Brittany. It applies to the complete spectrum between war-torn Myanmar and Atherton Excessive. It applies to all of us.

We get to decide on our body. And our body is our actuality.

So right here’s the place it will get fascinating for society, and particularly for politics.

Our frames are massively diverging.

I believe this—greater than something—explains how one can have such utterly remoted pockets of individuals in a spot just like the SF Bay Space. Or within the US normally.

I’ve began to note two distinct teams of individuals on-line and in individual. There are numerous others, after all, however these two stand out.

  • GROUP 1: Take heed to considerably comparable podcasts I do, have learn over 20 non-fiction books within the final yr, are comparatively skinny, are comparatively lively, they see the financial system as booming, they’re working in tech or beginning a enterprise, and so they’re 1000% bouncing with vitality. They hardly watch a lot TV, if any, and hardly play any video video games. If they’ve youngsters they’re in one million totally different actions, sports activities, and so forth, and the dialog is all about the place they’ll go to school and what they’ll probably do as a profession. They see politics as horribly damaged, are most likely center-right, appear to be leaning extra spiritual currently, and usually are optimistic in regards to the future. Vitality and Outlook: Disciplined, pushed, optimistic, and productive.

  • GROUP 2: They see the podcasts GROUP 1 listens to as a bunch of tech bros doing evil capitalist issues. They’re very unhealthy. Not lively in any respect. Low vitality. Always drained. They spend most of their time watching TV and taking part in video video games. They suppose the US is racist and sexist and ruined. If they’ve youngsters they aren’t doing many actions and are fairly withdrawn, usually with a give attention to their private points and the way these are inflicting trauma of their lives. Their view of politics is 100% centered on the intense proper and the way evil they’re, personified by Trump, and the way the world is simply going to hell. Vitality and Outlook: Undisciplined, moping, adverse, and unproductive.

I see one million variations of those, and my mates and I are hybrids as effectively, however these seem to be poles on some sort of spectrum.

However factor that will get me is how totally different they’re. And now think about that for the complete nation. However with much more frames and—due to this fact—subcultures.

These lenses form and shade all the pieces. They form the way you hear the information. They form the media you eat. Which in flip shapes the lenses once more.

That is so essential as a result of in addition they decide who you hang around with, what you watch and hearken to, and, due to this fact, how your views are bolstered and up to date. Repeat.  

A few books

They each spotlight, in several methods, how teams are separating within the US, and the way subgroups shoot off from what was once the mainstream and turn out to be one thing else.

When our frames our totally different, our realities are totally different.

That’s a key level in each books, truly: America used to largely be one group. The identical automobiles. The identical neighborhoods. The identical washing machines. The identical newspapers.

Most significantly, the identical frames.

There have been totally different religions and totally different preferences for issues, however we largely interpreted actuality the identical approach.

Listed here are some very tough examples of shared frames in—say—the twentieth century in the US:

  • America is among the finest nations on the earth

  • I’m proud to be American

  • You will get forward in the event you work exhausting

  • Equality isn’t good, but it surely’s bettering

  • I typically belief and respect my neighbors

  • The longer term is shiny

  • Issues are going to be okay

These are large frames to agree on. And in the event you take a look at these I’ve laid out above, you possibly can see how totally different they’re.

I’m undecided what it means, apart from divergence. Pockets. Subgroups. With vastly totally different views and related outcomes.

I think about this can make it harder to search out consensus in politics.

I think about it’ll imply extra inside strife.

Much less belief of our neighbors. Extra cynicism.

However to me, probably the most fascinating about it’s simply understanding the dynamic and utilizing that understanding to ask ourselves what we will do about it.

  1. Frames are lenses, not actuality.

  2. Some lenses are extra optimistic and productive than others.

  3. We are able to select which frames to make use of, and people may form our actuality greater than our precise circumstances.

  4. Altering frames can, due to this fact, change our outcomes.

  5. In the case of social dynamics and politics, lenses decide our skilled actuality.

  6. If we don’t share lenses, we don’t share actuality.

  7. Possibly it’s time to select and champion some optimistic shared lenses.

Listed here are my early ideas on suggestions, having simply began exploring the mannequin.

  1. Determine your frames. They’re just like the voices you utilize to speak to your self, and you have to be very cautious about these.

  2. Have a look at the frames of the individuals round you. Discuss to them and work out what frames they’re utilizing. Take into consideration the frames individuals have that you just look as much as vs. these you don’t.

  3. Take into account altering your frames to higher ones. Do not forget that frames aren’t actuality. They’re helpful or dangerous methods of deciphering actuality. Select yours fastidiously.

  4. Once you disagree with somebody, take into consideration your respective understandings of actuality. Alter the dialog accordingly. Odds are you may suppose the identical as them in the event you noticed actuality the way in which they do, and vice versa.

I’m going to proceed considering on this. I hope you do as effectively, and let me know what you provide you with.

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